I believe that education is more about bringing out rather than putting in, what I mean by this as a teacher and as a mentor I focus on embracing the artist deep within a person. Reto Sculpt HQ is all about reconnecting with your creativity in its most true and raw form.


These sessions are all about a look and learn experience, where I will share my skills and techniques of cutting and styling. Two to three hour in salon workshops, sharing my skills in a familiar environment for stylists. Available during or after working hours. I aim to train and inspire stylists with unique and new techniques and creative philosophies.

  • Connecting consultation
  • Skillful intuitive technique
  • Fulfilling Send off


These workshops consist of one or two full days of inspiration and exploration away from the salon you work in. Stylists will be taken on an awakening journey as not only stylists but as artists and as human beings. You will be asked to show up and invite your inner child to explore new ways of creativity and self-expression. I don’t intend on “teaching” you but rather inviting you to share yourself as an artist and break boundaries. You can expect drawing, sketching, painting, sculpting, movement, meditation, hair styling and ultimately sharing.


A weekend away in a beautiful location with fabulous food and brand new artistic experiences. Artists will be encouraged out of their comfort zone and will be asked to awaken their deepest creativity. Through a holistic experience I can inspire stylists who use hair as a medium to express themselves. I take the focus away from “hair” and put it on “human” we will practice drawing, sketching, painting, sculpting, movement, meditation, hair styling and sharing with a deeper connection to Cultural artistic expression.


The RetoSculpt HQ show segment is designed as an art installation. It’s a showcase that can stand-alone, be incorporated into a larger show and is the perfect promotional piece for what you will experience at one of my seminars or retreats.